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Zero-G – Psycho Acoustics (KONTAKT)

Psycho Acoustics is an amazing collaboration between acclaimed sound engineer and composer Sea Begg, musical instrument producer and sound engineer Sam Underwood and Zero G.

Raw sound material was created and recorded by Sam using a variety of unique acoustic and electro-acoustic sound devices. They were then edited and processed into usable sound files and included in the full Kontakt scripting tool developed by Zero G.

The Kontakt instrument combines a state-of-the-art dual-channel interface with unique impulse characteristics to provide you with an incredibly flexible instrument for creating a huge variety of drones, pads, percussion, effects and unclassified sounds that will take your breath away. It comes with over 200 presets and 2.5 GB of material.

• Over 200 presets
• Unique, organic sounding source material
• Custom, user-friendly Contact interface
• Huge variety of timbres and instruments
• Incredibly flexible

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