Zero-G – Northern Lights Pad Machine (KONTAKT)

Welcome to Northern Lights Pad Machine. The most sophisticated and creative pad instrument. Create your own path of beauty from scattered, soft and radiant masses to cruel, metallic, frozen depths, gloomy and cold loneliness.

The Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine is a multi-layer Kontakt instrument containing almost 6 GB of brand new audio content and giving you over 970 original and unique sounds. Multilayer patches using all possible and impossible sound sources. From rare modular synthesizers to metal and sounds from the Norwegian natural environment. All with one goal – to create the most amazing sounds that have ever been created!


  1. Complexity
    Volume of layers.
  2. Movement
    Changes sounds in a moderate to dramatic way using convolution, filters, controllers, LFO, envelopes and delays.
  3. Storm
    Shakes up the sound in different ways using distortion, effects, LFO, controllers and saturation.
  4. Color
    Filters, Eq, Phaser, convolution, envelopes.
  5. Attack
  6. Release
  7. Key pressure and pressure length

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