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Zenhiser – Trance Arena (MIDI, WAV)

Huge 20 GB trans audio samples and midi.

Trance Arena is the bright, fiery Trance collection, demonstrating the very best craftsmanship of the studio, necessary for the most epic works of today. This collection keeps the secrets of success on the chart with an overabundance of melodies, drops and luxurious layouts that are isolated exclusively in separate sound bases for an incredibly detailed and in-depth set of instruments.

Carefully programmed, recorded and mastered by one of Trance’s leading production teams, this collection of samples contains many powerful bass lines, assertive drums, euphoric leads, enveloping pads, breathtaking arps, emotional effects and seductive synthesizers, complemented by enough track ideas to keep your ideas full production schedule for the foreseeable future. This huge supply of audio and midi pleasure is just under 20 GB, one of our largest and most productive sample packs to date. Designed to create dance floor hysteria, Trance Arena will take your studio to its external constraints, simply explore the full mixes, evaluate the elements you want to use, and then puts the individual Trance sound loops or midi on the DAW for immediate gratification. With 10 high-energy, free Trance tracks, Trance Arena is at your disposal – a monster from the group that is waiting for its release.

261 soundtracks and 10 complete MIDI files distributed according to the sample are available for immediate download and are 100% free. All audio is processed in 24-bit WAV with key and tempo information included in the file names. Several zip archives were incredibly compressed to reduce the volume of almost 20 GB to just over 9 GB, reducing the download time by more than half. Trance Arena combines the large and luxurious side of trance in one mega-tour, so there is nothing complicated in that this set of tools is now needed by all trance producers.

• Audio – 261 (full audio stems including basslines, beats, drum sounds, pads, strings, instruments, synths & fx)
• Midi – 10 (full midi files)
• Total Samples – 261
• Total Midi – 10
• Tempo – 136bpm – 140bpm

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