Zenhiser – Psy + Trance (MIDI, WAV)

12 GB superb Psytrance sound stimuli with the addition of trance to shake the dance floor.

Psytrance takes its products to the ultimate level with this amazing collection of exceptional audio and midi content. Methodically designed to hold the listener, each sample in the collection is a true masterpiece of sonic weapons. So take a deep breath, immerse yourself in the preview and read everything that we bring to your attention in Psy + Trance.

Psy + Trance, created to launch one of the largest Zenhiser brand-new beginner song collections, pays tribute to world-wide phenomena. From India to Israel, Thailand and Australia, the cult presence of Psytrance is more than just sound. 12 GB of epic Psytrance samples with the rolling Trance label have been released. Then they are divided into separate song starters with a full mix for instant viewing, MIDI files for sound research and separate folders to provide the greatest choice of usability. Psy + Trance is a wealth of production that helps the needs of your studio, bass lines, ethereal pads, drums, vocals, sharp effects, mind-blowing add-ons, synthesizer sounds, pulsating rhythms and melodies are just some of the sounds that will become the basis for your future hits. tracks.

• Song Starters x20 – Audio – 288 sample stems including basslines, beats, isolated drum sounds, rhythms, melodies, plucks, chords, acid lines, vocal fx, pads and more
• Song Starters x20 – Midi – 132 midi stems including basslines, stabs , pads, acid, plucks, synths and more

• Total Samples – 288
• Total Midi – 132
• Tempo – 135bpm – 174bpm

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