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Zenhiser – Progressive Trance (MIDI, WAV)

Trance & Psytrance combined to create 4 GB of hypnotizing sounds, loops and midi.

In the genre where Trance & Psytrance merge hypnotizing listeners into a transcendental state of auditory pleasure, a new portion of samples reigns supreme. This awesome collection of subversive sounds and episodes is the hallmark of the Progressive Trance global sound. So take a deep breath and dive into this synthesized heavy tapestry of bewitching sounds, loops and midi.

Designed and manufactured by one of the leading Progressive Trance producers, this striking assortment of studio samples shows the richness of the production base at your fingertips. Hidden in each folder, you will find a sensational set of free samples, including pulsating bass lines, evolving sequences, vocals, drums, soaring synthesizers, and ethereal tunes. Progressive Trance samples are guaranteed to provide approximate production results, regardless of whether your trademark sounds in Israel, Europe, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Australia or the USA. The tempo ranges from 133 to 140 beats per minute, which includes many production styles, which ensures that these production tools work great with Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Tech Trance,

This Progressive Trance sample library is a luxurious range of all sounds delivered in 24-bit Wav format. Midi comes standard with zip files that are generously compressed to reduce download times. All marked samples contain key information, and each cycle in the pack is also marked with tempo credentials. So download Progressive Trance immediately and get inspired, this is the sound impulse your studio has been striving for.

• Drums – 01 Kicks – 26
• Drums – 02 Hi Hats – 26
• Drums – 03 Snares & Claps – 20
• Drums – 04 Percussion – 17
• Drums – 05 Crash & Rides – 10
• Loops – Basslines – 25
• Loops – Drum Loops – 81
• Loops – Full Mix – 25
• Loops – Leads – 26
• Loops – Midi – 25
• Loops – Synths – 52
• One Shots – FX – 25
• One Shots – Synth – 138
• One Hots – Vocal – 6
• Song Starters X5 – 66 (includes full mixes, midi, individual drums, basslines, synths, melodies, pads, fx, vocals and more)

• Total Samples – 529
• Total Midi – 39
• Tempo – 133bpm – 140bpm

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