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Zenhiser – Guitar Addict (MIDI, WAV)

Treasury of guitar samples ready to use right from boxes

Want to buy some great guitar riffs, lines, and effects? Want a live guitar sound in your tracks, but don’t know how to play? Zenhiser will help you. This expert guitar sample, masterfully played, recorded and mastered by a true connoisseur in this field, offers all the energy, drive and desire that you will need in your future productions.

Expect to find a range of styles inspired by key guitarists including Slash, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. This progressive mix of styles combines old-school rock style and new age electronics to provide a collection of samples that you’ve never heard before. Coming to a wide range of genres, including House, Future Bass, Trap, Moombhaton and many others, Guitar Addict is ready to be used right out of the box or updated, mixed and warped for unlimited possibilities. Recorded live on Fender Squier, the Affinity Telecaster series gives the entire sample library a warm, familiar tone that rises in audio priority. Just play around with your guitar notes, or choose your own guitar lines, processed or not, for your own added flavor.

• Song Starters (Stems) x 3 – Includes midi, guitar lines, synths, basslines, vocal fx, drums and fix – 37
• Guitar Licks – Recorded live with FX – 100
• Guitar Lines – Dry – 100
• Guitar Lines – Wet – 100

• Total Samples – 334
• Total Midi – 06
• Total Presets – 0
• Tempo – 128bpm

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