Wavelet Audio – Trailer Box (KONTAKT)

Wavelet Audio library with reimagined sound design based on noise and organic sounds for an unnatural experience. It creates a unique atmosphere due to the fact that the sounds are not too synthetic or hybridized. Create a modern cinematic design in a minute with Trailer Box.

Wavelet Audio is based on a reimagined sound design with an unnatural feel, created using noise and organic sources. This creates a unique atmosphere – the sounds are not too hybrid or too synthetic.

The second part of the Trailer Box – modern electric guitars – mix them with elements of sound design to refresh large and dynamic scores.

Although Trailer Box is primarily intended for use with Kontakt, samples can be used without an engine inside the DAW.

• 2.57 GB of hard drive space
• 240 Sound design samples
• 30 Multi-sampled Guitar riffs
• 14 Categories
• lossless WAV format, 48kHz / 24bit.
• Easy-to-use powerful Kontakt engine (Requires Full version of Kontakt 6.0.2 as the minimum)
• All sounds are compatible with any major editing platform: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve and more

  • Royalty-Free Usage

• 56 Bass Pulses
• 30 Guitar Stems
• 17 Clocking Pulses
• 17 Pulses Marches
• 30 Hits
• 18 Low Thuds
• 9 Braams
• 12 Pings
• 18 Bass One-Shot
• 10 Sub Drops
• 8 War Horns
• 20 Whooshes
• 16 Risers
• 10 Risers Rhythms

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