WA Production – What About Trap Monster By Xavage

WA Production teamed up with LA Xavage, an upcoming electronic music producer, to release the monster, Trap Monster. Xavage is a creative mind that combines elements of several subgenres to reveal a truly unique and attractive mix that will attract your attention. The quality of his music did not go unnoticed thanks to the support of such heavyweights as UZ, TYNAN, QUIX and Slander. Xavage has opened to a wide range of artists, including FeedMe, Denzel Curry, Jaykode and HeadHunterz.

With WA Production’s Trap Monster, we give you an insight into the brilliant mind of Xavage with two building kits. These kits allow you to remodel your own version of 2 tracks and give it any shape.

Xavage also includes dark and atmospheric bells, strings, pads and other elements. Choose from all types of different wubs and bass that you have never felt before. The selection of percussion elements will amaze you. There are master samples of hip-hop trap and rhythms, structured according to the rhythm of hip-hop. You can even add a little tension or drama by adding a few cinematic wind or distorted orchestral drums. Other instruments include guitars, organs, and tears.

• 2 Construction Kits
• 41 Massive Presets
• 40 Serum Presets
• 55 Melody & Bass Loops
• 21 Wubs
• 30 Vocals
• 107 Drum Loops
• 199 Drums that include Claps, Hats, Kicks, Percussion, and Snares
• 40 808’s
• 40 FX
• 10 Music Loops
• 19 Whomps
• 100% Royalty Free!

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