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VSTBuzz – Sketching Strings (KONTAKT)

Sketching Strings was created to create a practical, simple patch strings, which helps you create quick thumbnails of layouts in minutes.

It uses highly crafted synthetic string samples to create a useful patch for strings that is easy and quick to work with.
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Sketching Strings is not a high-performance string library – it is not intended for this.

Instead, it was designed as a tool that you can use to sketch tracks on the fly without waiting for long periods of time when downloading huge string fixes for your libraries.

This is a light, reproducible patch that uses processed synthetic sounds to create a string sound, allowing you to focus on writing melodic lines, harmony or rhythms without thinking about anything else.

The dynamics in Sketching Strings is done through key speed, as we find this to be the best way to create or simply improvise some melodic lines. This means that you don’t need to constantly keep one hand on the wheel! Play with both hands at the same time and just play softer or stronger for different dynamic levels.

Ease of use and speed are key objectives of this library.

• Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or above.
• Highlight any melody over the harmony.
• Play with two hands without losing dynamics.
• Perfect for the composition process.
• Light on computer resources.
• Can be used in commercial projects

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