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Vengeance Sound – Avenger Expansion pack 16 Bit Era (UNLOCKED) (Avenger)

Extension 16 Bit Era for the Avenger synthesizer.
This extension also works in the licensed version of Avenger.

Warning for licensed Avenger users:

UNLOCKED extensions are not guaranteed to work in future versions of the program (after 1.4.10): they can be blocked along with other unencrypted extensions, such as EDM1, PSY, Future Chill, etc., which worked in earlier versions (1.2.2)
UNLOCKED extensions are intended for import into the popular Avenger v1.4.10

• 101 Avenger presets
• 34 new drumkits
• 34 new drum seqs
• 144 new multisamples
• 75 new osc-shapes
• 27 new wavetables

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