Vandalism – Shocking Progressive House For Avenger

Vandalism Shocking Progressive House For Avenger is a truly modern soundset that follows the trends of this amazing genre. This amazing palette of modern progressive patches brings you more than ever. Inside you’ll find the highest quality patches, crafted with utmost precision and innovative Avenger features. This set includes 60 presets, 3 macro controls and an assigned ModWheel, 8 customizable wave tables, 13 samples, and 54 MIDI loops. All this gives you a stunning soundbank full of modern impressive presets that are truly the future!

• 21 Bass Sounds
• 19 Lead Sounds
• 9 Synth Sounds
• 7 Pluck Sounds
• 4 Pad Sounds
• 13 Synth Samples
• 2 Custom Shapes
• 8 Custom Wavetables
• 54 MIDI Loops

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