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Uplifting Music Studio – Indie Rock Vocal (KONTAKT)

A feature of this library is its high the flexibility of using any voice phrase, as well as the ability to mix it with other phrases, regardless of the pace and tone of your project. Moreover, using any MIDI keyboard, you can instantly switch to any sung syllable. Additional single syllables located in a separate area on the keyboard allow you to create an almost unlimited number of new musical phrases.

To create this library, we used a multi-hour studio session of three vocalists recorded using the Double Track technology in all tones and combined with each other through careful editing. Thus, the effect of a full six voice chorus is achieved, sounding without any use of computer technology. It is also worth noting that, in addition to the tube preamplifier, processing was not used until the final signal. This was not done to introduce additional transformations, but so that the user can process the sound of each track as he sees fit.

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  1. Hola…. antes que nada gracias, me baje varias cosas que me sirvieron mucho.
    Mi pregunta es… como hago para instalar este programa… no lo puedo ejecuttar o no se como… mucha sgracias

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