Unique Recording Studios – WOMP 1.0 VSTi, AUi WIN.OSX x64

As a producer, I know what endless scanning of presets on numerous production VSTs is to find that sound that works … but at the same time there is a feeling that standard presets nevertheless, they don’t give sensation and vibration, therefore I spend time, setting up original presets for receiving sound, which I will be pleased with.
While in the industry, you must be effective, be able to quickly make and make decisions … time and trends are not waiting for you. Do you want quality ready-made sounds at your disposal? I decided to slightly change the rules of the game by creating WOMP (Weapons of Mass Production).
Sounds – WOMP is 100% original, it has no copied sounds. All sounds were recorded, processed in Unique Recording Studios’ own studio using an analog chain including saturation, gain, compression, equalizer, effects and various saturation schemes with a little magic dust … Each sound is rich, harmonious and saturated … We do not strive be the producers of the finest VST! We are for creating an atmosphere and feeling. We have all the flexibility that other VSTs have, but our sounds make a difference.
How sounds were created – We spent over 400 hours experimenting and developing to make sure that this VST would bring something special. I am also a big opponent of some rules. Rules must be broken in the music industry. This directly affected the sound of WOMP. We have created over 700 presets!

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