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UNDRGRND Sounds – Sylenth Modular Presets for Sylenth1

We give Sylenth modular processing with this custom bank of 50 presets inspired by Eurorack. These cleverly crafted presets are designed to give character tones and sequences that will work perfectly with all shades of house, techno and electronics.

Filled with quirky sequences, tuned tones, clean bass and wobbly vibrations, Sylenth’s modular presets channel the spirit of modularity right into your DAW of choice. So if you’re looking for authentic-sounding modular and analog synth sounds but don’t have the budget or studio space, then this might be the one for you!

Whether you’re writing underground techno, experimental electro or lo-fi house, these sounds are sure to inspire your next jam.

• 52 x Sylenth Presets

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