Ugritone – DaZuul 1.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Being essentially a de-esser plug-in, Dazuul preserves natural sound, not just hard compressing the contents, but actually filtering it to preserve as much of the original signal and make it sound more natural and smooth. Even with the removal of even the most pronounced sibilants, vocal purity remains unchanged.

DaZuul filters the signal. The main difference is that he is trying to kill not the whole sibilant, but only its high frequencies. And he does not use compression as such, but reduces the overall volume of the high-frequency component, which in practice is a more natural approach. It is like a virtual hand on a pen with an equalizer, which accordingly activates it when a sibilant appears.

We do not want to kill the entire signal, because it is fair to say that low frequencies are used, and they do not bother the listeners. And this allows you to use the plugin as a smoothing plugin for any other tool that may need some taming of the high frequencies, because the dynamics and tonality of the low frequencies remain completely intact.

The slice width is the most important and it is easy to find a suitable value using the signal indicator. Just set it up to get rid of the sharp whistle and hissing, and the plugin will do the rest!

For vocals, in order to make it bright and clear, it usually requires some amplification and compression of high frequencies. This makes sibilants a lot worse. So de-esser solves this problem. The result is an overall improvement in vocal sound.

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