Triple Spiral Audio – Nordic (OMNISPHERE)

Nordic is a new ambient sound set for Omnisphere 2, ideal for emphasizing and use in films, games and libraries, and also contains 128 presets and 25 multisystems. The soundtrack found its inspiration in the beautiful nature and landscapes of Scandinavia. This soundtrack originally had the name Hardangervidda, named after a beautiful region in Norway. In this soundtrack you will find many recordings of nature and sounds that I recorded during my travels in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Nordic contains the following presets: ARP + BPM, Bells and Vibes, Bowed Colors, Ethnic World, guitars, pads, reproducible textures, and Soundscapes textures.

In the presets for amplification of sound, modwheel, aftertouch, pitchweel and sometimes CC2 are widely used.

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