Trident Audio Developments – 80B EQ 1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

Based on the Series 80B console, the Trident Series 80B digital equalizer is our new plug-in that faithfully reproduces the classic warm tones, presence and power of the Trident 80B Series equalizers that are extremely popular with today’s studio engineers. Based on the acclaimed Trident 80B Range console from the seventies, this highly sought-after equalizer can now be used by modern engineers in a plug-in format.

Trident Digital Editions embody the essence of what made Trident analog equipment a classic. Warm tones, assertiveness, and unrivaled presence, the Series 80B is faithfully recreated for the digital world using innovative modeling techniques and our new AWA (Advanced Wave Analysis), Trident’s patented DSP.

Taking full advantage of this signal processing technology ensures that each Trident plug-in is one of the most efficient and least CPU-intensive plug-ins available today. This means that multiple instances of the Trident plug-ins can be run at any time with the least possible negative impact on your computer’s performance.

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