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Touch Loops – True Lo-Fi Hip-Hop wav

Inspired by endless sessions of digging boxes and opening patterns, this epic collection of hip hop tunes and starters is all you ever need. With a slant towards 90s classic hip hop, but always looking forward to it, modern traps and rap fit into these patterns, demonstrating the direction of hip hop in contemporary music.
Besides the amazing building kits, you will also find a folder that we call “Box Samples”. Here you will find small pieces of inspiration, including more advanced 8-beat loops, rich soundscapes, random MPC plugs and endless small pieces to get you out of the rut in the stream.
So if you are looking for a package that will surprise and mark the beginning of any written session, then this is one. These samples of excavators, we are happy to put it in your hands!

Loops: 125
One Shots: 60
Construction Kits: 15

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