Toontrack – The Rock Foundry SDX (SOUNDBANK)

Huge sound library for Superior Drummer 3, recorded by a true industry legend, Bob Rock.
Rock Foundry SDX has an amazing 65GB of raw unprocessed drum sounds recorded by perhaps the most notable, influential, and sought-after engineer / producer of our time: Bob Rock.
Rock Foundry SDX was recorded at The Warehouse, a selected studio by Bob Rock in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is designed to provide you with the most flexible selection of drums, environments, and options. It is configured as two separate SDXs, one “Primary” and one “Mono”. The “main” one contains six sets shot using traditional technology with several microphones, while the “Mono” configuration was recorded using the minimum setting.

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  1. what IS this “downloader.exe” shit, which plans unwanted 3rd party software on my computer, but notably does NOT include anything resembling the program being advertised. this is sleazy and and useless waste of time.

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