ToonTrack – EZdrummer v2.2.1 VSTi, RTAS, AAX, STANDALONE x86 x64 Win

EZDrummer is a virtual drum sampler that is especially popular among musicians and professional sound engineers and producers. This VSTi instrument allows you to achieve “liveliness” of the drum part, simulating the playing of a real person.

The pleasant sound will surprise many music creators, since the sound is very close to the sound of real drums, and the program interface is very clear, which will allow you to create and edit virtual drums.

EZDrummer is an excellent VST plugin with its own libraries, which is ideal for the Cubase 5.1 audio editor. The program also has built-in templates in MIDI format, which are created drum riffs, as well as various fills that can be added to your track simply by dragging and dropping them onto the desired track. Thus, you can create a song completely consisting of midi pieces, which will give the effect of clearly and evenly played drums, but to simulate human playing, to convey the emotions of a drummer, you can use the humanizer function.

The program allows you to assemble a drum kit from various elements, and each of them can be panned, transferred to a separate track, for example, the bass drum and the worker will be separate tracks, then apply the desired effect to each audio track, such as saturation, compressor, distortion.

When creating the samples, all the rules for recording drums were followed, each element of the drum kit was recorded with a separate microphone in a recording studio in New York. When editing your track, you can adjust the sound, creating the effect of moving the microphone farther / closer to the drum / cymbal, and make a reverb effect by choosing the room in which the drums supposedly sound. All in all, EZdrummer is a professional tool for recording and editing virtual drums.

EZdrummer 2.2.1



  • Audio rendering will freeze if multiple CC 120 MIDI events (“all sounds off”) are received at the same time, which could have happened, for example, when playback was stopped in Logic Pro X.
  • Controller The PreSonus ATOM pad should no longer switch to keyboard mode when connected to an EZdrummer 2 in Studio One.

Drums Tab

  • User Kit presets were not saved correctly if they contained instruments from other sound libraries.
  • Muting the preview sound when closing the Drum Properties window sometimes resulted in a clicking / popping sound.
  • In the drum properties, if an EZX that had already been selected was re-selected, “None” was selected in the drum list and “None” was indicated in the preview pane.

Song Track

  • Fixed issue in MIDI files created by drag and drop from a song track. In some cases, it may not work correctly, for example, when imported into Studio One 2.
  • Tooltips in song blocks are created by dragging and dropping from the browser. Now these are short names from the browser again, not full browser paths.
    Browse Tab
  • The name of a MIDI file created by drag and drop from the browser (for example, to the desktop or to a custom MIDI) no longer becomes a long string describing where it came from in the browser, now it becomes the name displayed to the browser
    (similar to how it was in version 2.1.8).

Search Tab

  • The name of a drag-and-drop MIDI file from the search now becomes the name displayed in the search instead of the filename in the browser.

EZdrummer 2.2.0 Release Notes



The RTAS format has been removed.

  • Faster graphics on Mac, especially on Retina displays (when using a 10-bit color profile).
  • Raster interpolation is disabled for Mac Retina displays to make graphics less blurry and remove certain artifacts, such as horizontal lines in the browser.
  • MIDI dragged from browser, search or song creator now gets a “track name” (internal name) that reflects the path of the browser it came from. This can be seen as the name of the MIDI block in many DAWs.
  • Changed the version font in the interface.
  • Removed the word “(64-bit)” in the Mac interface after the version, which is now always 64-bit.

Electronic Drums

  • Added electronic drum presets for ATV and Alesis Strike Pro.
  • Updated some presets for electronic drums. Cymbal suppression should now work better with Millennium, Alesis and 2off.


  • The standalone and project icons have been redesigned.
  • On Mac, the offline audio device preferences no longer have a device type menu as it always only contained “Core Audio”.



  • The sign “audio engine is idle” is too often appeared on some hosts.
  • The displayed sign “Audio engine is inactive” no longer stops playback.
  • In Ableton Live VST no longer pauses when it is silent for a while and its GUI is closed.
  • Studio One should no longer crash if you drag and drop MIDI from EZD2 to another plugin.
  • To prevent crashes, MIDI Program Change and Bank Select messages are now ignored when a menu is open in EZD2 and when MIDI is dragged from EZD2.
  • On Windows, it should no longer crash if some unknown object type (not a file) is dropped into EZD2.
  • Selecting a custom library preset does not uncheck items in the Factory Preset submenu.
  • After loading a project in which a custom preset was selected, the preset up / down arrows did not switch between the custom presets, but the factory presets, and the program change messages also
    incorrectly indexed the factory presets.
  • Changing a drum to a drum from a different library, recording MIDI with a new drum as a powerful hand, saving and loading this project would not always return the correct articulation for the drum.
  • If the DAW asks for less than 16 samples for rendering, it may cause audio crashes.
  • Files dragged and dropped from the latest Superior Drummer 3 or saved to User MIDI with Superior Drummer 3 were not read correctly by EZD2.
  • Multiple cymbals in Drums of Destruction EZX and Action! The EZX was not turned in the correct direction.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you selected a different library preset while it was still loading.
  • Fixed some memory leaks on Mac.

Drums Tab

  • Percussion images were not updated when loading a library preset.
  • The wrong envelope was sometimes used when previewing drums in the same library.
  • Closing the drum properties window now also stops any preview sound.
  • Drum Properties window is now closed with MIDI Program Change messages. It used to crash when clicked in the tool list after changing the program.

Song Track

  • After a song block has been shortened, saving and loading a project or undo / redo may change the power indicator and block mark.
  • Exporting abbreviated song blocks may result in some note mute events not being included in MIDI. When such MIDI was imported into certain DAWs, some of the drum beats might be missed / lost.
  • Using the context menu of a song block to delete (with Delete Notes) or replace all notes (with Insert) for a drum pad in a song block should no longer crash.
  • Deleting or replacing all drum notes in a song block should no longer crash.
  • Disabled notes may not be present in MIDI exported from song blocks that have been resized.
  • The first recorded MIDI note was sometimes not recorded or sometimes not displayed until the end of the recording.
  • The red recording block was sometimes shown starting a little later than when the recording actually started.
  • “Unmute sound” has been changed to “Unmute sound” (in the context menu of the song block).
  • A song block created by dragging an external MIDI file onto a song track sometimes didn’t snap to the grid.
  • The drop block symbol on the track did not reflect the length of the MIDI file that was dragged from outside the EZD2.
  • Pulling MIDI from a song track before the MIDI database has been successfully opened should no longer crash.
  • “Export song as WAVE file” will no longer crash if the output file cannot be opened.
  • The MIDI file created by dragging from a song track from EZD2 no longer contains metatext, so it is better to drag it to Logic Pro X 10.6+ and GarageBand 10.4+ (additional track will be created for metatext only. And notes have been
    placed on another track) …

Edit play style

  • In Edit Play Style articulation menu for Power Hand

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