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ToonTrack – EZBass 1.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x64

EZBass – software bass. In 2019, Toontrack celebrated its twentieth anniversary. On this occasion, the manufacturer announced several interesting new products. One of them is the EZbass plugin, which simulates the sound of a bass guitar. The program interface and many functions are based on previously released products of the company, but the plug-in has its own optimized sound engine. EZbass has a lot of settings and an impressive sound library. Editing capabilities and smart writing functions for MIDI parts are provided. Presets for various musical genres, amplifiers and cabinets, as well as various effects are available for users.

12 Comments on “ToonTrack – EZBass 1.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x64”

  1. Runs really good. first i click Download Torrent its a small file then use Utorrent to open that an then its starts downloding the 2GB VST.

    1. encontre la falla ,,,, el anti virus borra el keygen ..desactivar antivirus y guardar keygen en un compreso y listo ,,,, gracias por el aporte!!!

  2. encontre la falla,,, el antivirus borra el keygen,,,, desactivar antivirus y guardar keygen en un compreso y lito,,,, muchas gracias por el vst excelente!!!

  3. This does work and there is the library there with it. You need to download the torrent and then afterwards install the software (without internet connection). You will then need to replace the stated files with the cracked one and then restart your computer. For using the keygen, I would advise you to run this using a sandbox situation (google – shade sandbox – it’s free). Find the software in the app (using the app in a sandbox) and then run the EZBass standalone (register offline) and you will be able to get the computer ID required to use in the key gen. Do this and press the bottom button to generate the appropriate file. You can export this out of the sandbox onto your computer to use to register the app. It’s worked for me and yes EZBass is an amazing bit of software. Hope this helps!

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