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Tonstrum – TRAVELER 1.1.2 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Virtual Doppler effect: Tonsturm Traveler plug-in allows you to change the position of the signal in space. Graphical editor of the signal path, sampler, effects processor and Doppler effect generator.

Using the Tonsturm Traveler graphical editor, the user can draw a virtual path for the sound signal. Features and speed of sound movement are adjusted by the controls Length, Duration and Speed. So, for example, a musician can indicate at what distance the sound is from the listening point (in meters or kilometers), and also set the speed of passage of this distance.

In addition, Traveler contains sampler functionality: you can adjust the pitch and duration of the sample, especially pan and positioning, apply an attenuator, effects, compression or equalizer. In addition to this, the sampler has a section of four LFOs that are associated with samples and effects.

• Recreating the Doppler effect using the graphical editor Graphical Path Editor;
• Settings for remoteness, duration and speed of the signal: in meters, kilometers and miles, seconds, ticks;
• 76 built-in samples and 85 movement presets to get started;
• Built-in sampler for playing one-shots and loops;
• Ability to change the pitch of the samples, their pan, etc.;
• Built-in effects: delay, distortion, tremolo, equalizer, compressor;
• Normalization functions and the ability to control the master volume;
• Ability to transfer sounds to a track in DAW using drag-n-drop.

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