Technique Recordings – PARALLAX (KONTAKT)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith with proudly unveils Parallax, the new and revolutionary bass engine for use with Native Instruments KONTAKT v5.7 + (not Kontakt Player)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith, one of the UK’s most successful drum and bass performers, spent a lot of time from his busy schedule to manually create, code, and develop the first in a series of exciting Kontakt instruments. Combining all the knowledge, studio skills and experience in the production of dance music that they have accumulated over the past 20 plus years, this new venture is the next logical step for these prolific producers after creating presets for Sugar Bytes, Waves & Loopmasters, to name but a few some.

Parallax is a beast of 3 synthesizer oscillators, which allows the user to easily create unlimited ready-made bass noises using either the provided samples or importing the user’s own WAV, renaming the saved samples. After the samples are selected, they are played back in parallel with each main generator, which has its own XY-pad (new feature in Kontakt v5.7). The main generators have 24 filters and 9 LFO settings to use and create motion in order to sculpt a sound that is fully automated in your DAW.

Besides the fact that most of the things you expect to get with a high-end synthesizer, Parallax has its own surprises. Cleverly using the Kontakt multi-mode universal filter, which means that you can have almost any type of filter, along with the XYZ pillow you have a really powerful and exciting filter at your fingertips, but with QUICK ENVELOPE it rises to the next level. This recordable envelope allows the user to record the movement in 1 second from the XYZ panel, and then, using the “Edit ENV” button, you can draw your own filter shapes along the XY and Z axis, and then play them using the “PLAY” button, creating a wild symbol . and breathtaking morph filter.

Surprises do not end there, with the inclusion of 8 Insert FX and 5 Send FX. Drumsound & Bassline not only selected them manually for their effectiveness in creating a fantastic character, but can also be placed in the “before” or “after” position of the multimode filter in the signal chain. This again gives the user much more control over the nature of their sound.

With 50 built-in presets included in the pack, this synthesizer provides an exciting insight into the craftsmanship of Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

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