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Sylvia Massy Unconventional Recording LYNDA TUTORIAL

Unconventional music requires unconventional recording methods. Sylvia Massi helped artists such as Tool and Prince realize their own unique sound and vision, using the main support of the engineer – a recording studio and a mixing console, along with some outlandish equipment. In this short documentary, Sylvia will share some of her most notorious experiments …


Documentary preview 36s
Documentary film 15m 1s
Bonus Movies 26m 56s
Exploring Sylvia’s unique collection of sound toys 9m 52s
Finding inspiration for new sounds 3m 13s
Memorable recording sessions 1m 53s
Recording in unusual spaces 3m 14s
Sylvia’s book “Recording Unhinged” 2m 22s
Three types of producers 3m 16s
“Bullet in the Ear” music video 3m 6s

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