Submission Audio – Punk Bass (KONTAKT)

PunkBass is a virtual bass instrument that reminds you of a simpler time spent in summer in a skate park with friends, knee-length shorts and, above all: catchy pop punk music played on your father’s guitars. PunkBass is an idyllic embodiment of this classic era in music history, in which the melodies of your favorite artists are at your fingertips.

• Runs in the FREE Contact Player – no extra expense!
• INSTANT mix-ready, P-bass tone.
• Perfect tuning.
• Industry-leading tempo-synced alternate picking algorithm.
• Array of articulations to humanize the performance.
• The sound of brand new strings, all the time.
• Stereo chorus for increased mix presence.
• Thousands of meticulously-recorded samples.
• The joy of recording without a bass player.
• Crafted through two decades of combined recording experience.
• Note range: G0 to D4. (Down to Drop G!)

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