Stickz – Chainsmokers Edition Vol. 2

The Chainsmokers do not create pop music in any way. They just made their EDM tracks compelling and memorable to the point that people started calling him Pop.

This is not an easy task at all. However, with this sound bank we perfectly conveyed that melodic atmosphere of Chill, as well as the more powerful Future Bass style for which they are known.

With crisp chords, unique solos, balanced bass, catchy vocals and more, this soundbank gives you everything you need to create your own hit. With pure quality and richness in mind, these sounds were created to make your music popular.

We truly believe that if you are creating melodic music this set is a must!

100 Serum Presets

• 30 Kicks
• 30 Snares
• 30 Claps
• 15 War Drums
• 32 Percussion
• 15 Closed Hi-Hats
• 15 Open Hi-Hats
• 15 Rides
• 15 Crashes
• 15 Fills
• 30 Instrument Loops
• 35 Various Drum Loops
• 6 Project Files (FL Studio Version 20, Ableton Live Version 10, Logic Pro X Version 10.5)

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