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Steinberg – Cubase Pro 10.5.0 TEAM-DC RC3 10.5.0 x64

Cubase is one of the world’s most powerful music software packages. With its unrivaled range of flexible instruments, you can quickly and intuitively create any kind of music. It comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, effects and thousands of sounds. Whether you are a professional composer or an aspiring music producer, Cubase will provide you with everything you need to turn your ideas into music.

The most powerful Cubase to date.
Proprietary generator with a sampling frequency of 64-bit / 192 kHz, mobile routing and automatic delay compensation.
Simultaneous playback of an unlimited number of tracks, MIDI tracks and VST instruments.
256 physical inputs and outputs of
8 VST instruments with more than 3000 sounds
75 audio VST plug-in effects
MixConsole channel groups with integrated channel strips, VCA faders, volume and sound wave measurement
Channel Strip for professional work with the mixer
Control Room integrates artist mixes her and monitoring settings in your recording workflow
Compositional instruments such as Chord Track and Chord Pads for creating harmonious progressions and advanced voices
The layout function for creating a high-quality
VariAudio 3 track provides fully integrated vocal editing and pitch change for individual notes and accelerates the workflow thanks to Smart Control
Sampler Track for importing sound, chromatic sample playback and transactions him
Drum Editor for intuitive creation of rhythm and beats
MixConsole History to record changes in MixConsole for rezapuska and edit
Groove Agent SE 5: bsolyutno new user interface, many new sounds and improved workflow
MixConsole snapshots: saving the current mix in a tab, adding notes to each frame.
A large number of new sounds and loops: more than 5 GB of audio content, Analog Techno libraries, Hip Hop Vault, Soul and others.
MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)

  1. Launch and install eLicenser Control Setup 6.11.9
  2. Launch and install Soft-eLicenser Absolute B15
    After installing Soft-eLicenser Absolute B15, the eLicenser Control window will automatically open, click cancel and close.
  3. Install Cubase Pro 10.5

If it is not working for You then use our Patched Version

Steinberg – Cubase Pro 10.0.4 TEAM-VSTTORRENTS

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