Splice Sounds – Mr. Carmack’s “don’t buy this” Splice Pack (WAV)

Los Angeles-based DJ producer Aaron Carmack (Mr. Carmack) blurs the lines between hip-hop and dance in his own style. Two of Mr. Carmack’s self-released albums have become the number one bestseller on Bandcamp in a row, beginning his fame. Backed by industry veterans such as RL Grime, GTA and Plastician, and doing scenes with the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Just Blaze, Diplo and more, Mr. Carmack is a producer and performer worth looking out for. His first Splice sample pack offers epic depth and range. Samples include a huge array of synth sounds – microtonal progressions, fun phrases like “robot curse” and “wrong juul” – tonal and atonal leads, fresh rhythms, varied vocals, soothing chords, guitar inversions and big bass sounds. Discover tons of job opportunities from a producer who innovates the sound of dance music.

381 Samples

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