Spitfire Audio – London Contemporary Orchestra Textures (KONTAKT)

Our second joint venture with the world renowned contemporary London Contemporary Orchestra brings us into a delightful aircraft hangar for the recording process.┬áTogether we have created a completely unique, never sampled sound palette – a complex collection of ever-evolving organic textures formed by layering unexpected instrument combinations.

Using the signature workflow, performance styles and innovative technologies that have made LCO so popular, we’ve created textures of indefinable, immersive sounds.

Our need for unparalleled acoustics led us to the most extraordinary recording space in Spitfire’s eleven years of history – a deep hangar with an amazingly long reverb tail that adds incredible resonance to every note.

Enhanced by our unique Evo Grid, we give you access to a cutting edge, inspiring collection of instantly playable, mesmerizing textures that add incredible depth and flavor to your composition.

Following the continued popularity of London Contemporary Orchestra Strings, our next collaboration with LCO was going to be even more unusual. Our collective ambition has been to achieve something that no one in the sampling world has done before – inspired in part by the studio’s recent collaborations with the orchestra, including Suspiria with Thom Yorke, The Innocents with Carly Paradis, American Animals with Anne Nikitin, and You Are Never Really Here with Jonny Greenwood.

We took familiar, pre-existing organic instruments and combined them in unique ways to create indefinable, expressive and modern sounds and textures – much like an artist using many different colors to create a new, multi-tone palette, bringing together world-class artists and 10 years of experience work in contemporary classical music and world cinema, as well as Spitfire’s expertise in sampling and innovative Evo Grid technology.

With our sampling capabilities, we’ve created new instruments that you can never recreate outside of a sampler – making the impossible possible.

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