Spitfire Audio – Albion ONE (10th Anniversary Edition) (KONTAKT) – Updated

Our most famous orchestral sample library, Albion One, is all you need to create movie music in one box. An orchestra of 109 pieces, accompanied by thunderous cinematic percussion recorded in the world famous AIR Studios London, as well as deformable loops designed by award-winning engineers, and a huge steam synthesizer. Possessing high dynamics and energy, being very flexible in different genres, you can choose one of four microphone positions and a huge range of joints, including our famous legato, for additional control. Ideal for both beginners and recognized composers, this industry standard product is the perfect place to start your movie.

23 Comments on “Spitfire Audio – Albion ONE (10th Anniversary Edition) (KONTAKT) – Updated”

  1. It did stalled at %99.6 , shows 370 seeds but still no hope.. been 24 hours must have missing file in orginal upload.

  2. Torrent gets stuck at 99.6% sadly, because of missing samples and scripts. Has somebody tried using the old Albion One torrent and just using the “Update Only” folder from this one?

  3. Still stuck at 99.6 … not antivirus problem. it’s just no one of the seeders seems to have those pieces complete…

    Please fix this and if someone has the complete file start seeding 😕

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