Spectrasonics – Keyscape Software Update v1.1.3c

KEYSCAPE ™ is a completely new virtual instrument with the largest selection of keyboards in the world. According to the company, for ten years their team has been collecting and restoring, and then sampling, the most famous and popular keyboards.

• A huge library with more than 500 “best-in-class” sounds, 36 instrument models and hybrid double patches
• Very accurate, advanced multisampling with switching up to 32 velocity layers to a note
• Modeling mechanical noises, pedal noises, releasing keys, etc. d.
• Sound patches have genuine circuits (circuitry) of simulated amplifiers and effects
• Full integration with the Omnisphere® 2 instrument

One Comment on “Spectrasonics – Keyscape Software Update v1.1.3c”

  1. I follow the omnisphere instructions for example that works perfect for me but in keyscape it doesn’t work.

    0.Remove previous cracks.
    1.Install and update Omnisphere 2.
    2.Run our keygen.
    3.Patch plugins.
    4.Run Omnisphere 2 and start activation.
    5.Copy Challenge Code to the keygen.
    6.Generate license and activate.
    In section 3 it doesn’t work: “Failed patching.”

    Did it work for anyone?

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