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SPC Plugins – ArcSyn 4.0.3 VSTi, VSTi3, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64

ArcSyn from SPC Plugins is a virtual synthesizer that modulates analog machines that does not is based on any particular vintage piece of equipment, but successfully captures the essence of this era.

Most importantly, ArcSyn sounds great. This is a synthesizer purist and doesn’t mix different kinds of synths with samples. ArcSyn uses signal synthesis. “All waveforms are generated from scratch.” There are over 70 unique waveforms on board. Several LFOs and an Arranger are included that can be used to create the order of 16 signals. In addition, users will find ADHSR, two routing modes (Series and Parallel), and 16-slot matrix mode. There are many modular filters and modifiers to expand the sonic madness.

There is a Randomiser function that generates patches quickly. This is one of the best ways to discover the perfect sound. Over a hundred patches can be created in less than a minute. Of course, most of them will be “not very”, but there is a great possibility that at least one will be explosive. Every synthesizer should have this feature. ArcSyn also has an excellent preset manager.

ArcSyn is a great virtual synthesizer capable of sounding from silky to coarse rumblings. In the right hands, all genres will benefit from this VSTi. He makes everything from cream pads and textures to punchy pads. Flexible modulation options make ArcSyn ideal for genres that use textures, pads and drones.

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