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Soundiron – Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir (KONTAKT)

The Venus Women’s Symphonic Choir is powerful, flexible and an exquisitely recorded 33-voice female choral library for professional scoring and arrangement. It includes pure vowels, classical Latin and Slavic (Orthodox-Russian) content, as well as a large collection of choral effects (shouts, whistles, bunches, hums, whispers, and more).

We spent 10 days at our beloved church recording a 33-voice female choir featuring top-notch talents from Volti, the SF Symphony Choir and the SF Choir Society, capturing every subtle nuance of the female human voice. Venus is strength, clarity, and fluidity. It includes 2 microphone positions (stage and audience) so composers have the flexibility to easily incorporate the brilliant, natural sound of Venus into their mix. Venus ascended into the night sky to join her male choral counterpart, the symphonic male choir of Mars.

Venus offers unrivaled value, with an excellent range of detailed articulations, reliable sonic presence, and superior true Legato fluidity at an affordable price. You can also pair it with the Mars Symphony Male Choir in the Olympus Choir Kit for a special ultra low price!

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