CINEMASSIVE is a library of 110 cinematic effects presets for Ni Massive.
All presets are carefully designed to provide new sound weapons to all modern composers of trailers of various subjects, cinematic composers, for musical accompaniment of films and sound designers.

13 categories:

• Soft Markers, 8 light and bright synth accent for the top
layer of atmospheric trailer music
• Braaams, 7 distorted and detuned horn style sounds
• Benders, 10 pitch modulated tonal synth to add a distant tonal taste
• Downers, 8 bass drop, detuned and distorted for music breaks and transitions
• Sfx, 17 sound effects, from risers to swells and atmospheric sfx
• Plucks, 6 high percussive polyphonic synth to make aggressive short chords
• Leads, 11 presets, dirty leads, epic, talking and monophonic glides
• Pads, 9 presets, sci-fi style, quiet and analog
• Basses, 7 preset for powerful basslines
• Trills, 5 tonal pad with little pulsations and fluctuation
• Pulse, 10 sequenced and tempo synched bass and lead synth
• Noise Grooves, 5 tempo-synched modulated noise for experimental and glitchy grooves

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