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Sound Radix – Auto-Align Post 1.1.1 AAX x64

Auto-Align Post is designed to automatically correct phase problems that occur when mixing multiple tracks, for example, when setting up shooting and multiple capture devices. So far, fixing the phase has been a tedious and time-consuming job, which often took several hours to fix. Based on the proprietary technology of the innovative Auto-Align ™ module, the company has developed a next-generation algorithm that makes phase / time correction of a moving multi-microphone recording of an entire film in a few clicks.

• Corrects distances to ~ 112 feet / ~ 34 meters or delay ± 100 ms.
• Dynamic mode provides continuous phase / time correction for moving actors / cameras.
• Static mode allows fixed phase / time correction for stationary microphones.
• Multichannel support.
• Easy to operate – no manual settings are required.

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