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Sound Aesthetics Sampling – Paradox Lost Redux (KONTAKT)

Paradox Lost Redux is a unique instrument based on strange, beautiful and bizarre sound scenes, drones and “simple” tones.

At times, sounds pick up a suitable paradoxical cross between developing and static, beautiful and dirty, dark and light. Some sounds will seem familiar, but strangers, like an old synthesizer that you once knew but cannot place.

Thanks to the sound sources, we also created a wide range of sounds, including sounds similar to a guitar, sounds similar to organs, sounds of a piano and harp – which complement the already beautiful and irresistible drones and sound landscapes.

The package includes the original release of Paradox Lost, which was almost 5 years ago.

Paradox Lost Redux:

• 93 Samples (96khz, 24bit, lossless compression with NCW)
• 1.13GB (as NCW files) – uncompressed, 1.51GB
• 130 Snapshots in several different categories
• 27 unique and enthralling Multis
• 4 unique and strange NKI presets

Sounds by Erick McNerney
Presets by Erick McNerney and Paul Lebkuchner
Engine and GUI by Paul Lebkuchner (Sound Aesthetics Sampling)

Old version contents:

• 47 Samples (44.1khz, 16bit)
• 659MB uncompressed
• 48 NKI presets using the free Photosynthesis engine by Exotic States (Jeremiah Pena)

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