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Sonokinetic – Sotto v1.2 (KONTAKT)

Instrumental orchestral instrument for delicate moments and deafening silence.

We have already learned a lot in our orchestra series; it’s the scary Tutti, the billowing Vivace, the understated Minimal, the lead Grosso and the majestic Capriccio. We always had a desire to capture something more delicate, and now we have done it … by introducing Sotto.

As a composer, there are certain musical rules that you must obey, and one of them is that there must always be contrast. A loud passage will not sound really loud if it does not contrast with a milder analogue, and the culmination cannot come without a journey that takes you there.

We were always fascinated by the sound of a majestic orchestra, which knocked on the brake pedal and folded soft patterns, and this is what we achieved with the help of this library.

Anyone who has ever tried to capture a live orchestra can tell you that a very quiet game is a difficult thing to record. The softer you try to walk, the closer you get to the break point between the sound and the lack of sound. Starting phrases made from brass and woodwinds is becoming increasingly difficult to level out for players, which leads to wonderful imperfection. The balance between sound and mechanical noise is slightly in favor of mechanical noise, but for us it all sounds very lively.

There are many beautiful venues with various playing techniques, such as sul tasto, sul ponticello and harmonics for strings, frullato for wood and various mutes for brass. For Sotto, we further expanded our sounding concept to achieve even smoother transitions between chords. The combinations of different phrases and sections sound absolutely amazing, with a very warm and rich timbre. We are so pleased to add this product to our range, as it takes pride in itself and complements other Sonokinetic orchestral products.

To add intimacy, we have included a breathing slider for woodwinds and brass that will add “air” to the phrases, further blurring the line between sound and lack of sound and musical sound and human sound. We really wanted it to be a living breathing instrument that can add life to your compositions and feel like we have succeeded. We hope you agree.

At Sonokinetic BV, we are very proud to introduce you to Sotto and cannot wait to hear the amazing things that you, our valuable customer base, will do with it.

Sonokinetic has established itself as one of the best producers of samples, and with this product we would like to emphasize this statement. We adhere to our unrivaled price module and high-quality selection.

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