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Sonokinetic – Modal Runs v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Size: 625.8 MB

Realistic movements are difficult to create with using a traditional instrument with several samples, and fast movements are difficult to play if you are not an experienced pianist.

We created this tool to make it very easy to play. They adapt to the pace and tone of your composition, making absolutely realistic jogging available to everyone.

Whether it is one run before the transition or an intense stream of ups and downs, which are the central element of the composition, these runs will give you pleasure. Play them only with a chord in your left hand and notes of beginning and end in your right hand. They are a lot of fun to play with, and the intuitive accent slider gains a mixture of recorded string and woodwinds in one smooth motion.

Pay attention to the “modal” part of the name – these runs are not just reproduced from the main notes of the roots of the scales – they can begin and end on any note of the scale, making all modalities in the diatonic scale accessible. In addition, in the “Relative Keyboard” mode, any note that you press on the right side will correspond to the nearest tonal key, which makes it very easy to play parts that adapt to changing chords in real time!

With this new, inventive and holistic approach to editing and writing scripts, we saved an extremely low number of samples and the amount of RAM for this tool without sacrificing the realism of the final result.

Returning to the excellent recording space that we used for other sonokinetic orchestral libraries, we have compiled a selection of the best of the best (and most accurate) players that could perform for us. Having at our disposal a full section of woodwind and string instruments, we have covered the entire range of instruments. Modal Runs is designed from the ground up, borrowing design aspects from our other tools, such as Ostinato. This script is an exciting new development that we are very proud of and extends the boundaries of what you can achieve with traditional sampling.

This library coexists with our Orchestra series and our phrase-based libraries, being recorded in the same room, with the same microphone positions and even using some of the same players. Our orchestral libraries are harmoniously combined with each other.

At Sonokinetic BV, we are very pleased to introduce Modal Runs to you and cannot wait for you, our valued customers, to do amazing things with them.

Sonokinetic has established itself as one of the best manufacturers, and with this product we would like to emphasize this statement.


• 44.1kHZ – 24 Bit
• 1GB NCW Format
• Royalty and copyright free * Content license

Instrument Patches

• Native Instruments Kontakt * Modal Runs
• Custom designed interface with score display? * Time Machine Pro capability? * Custom chord recognition capabilities

Sampled Instruments

• 2 recorded orchestral sections * Woodwind 8 players * Strings 52 players
• Recorded microphone positions * Close * Decca tree * Wide * Balcony

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