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Sonokinetic – Espressivo v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Many of our phrase libraries created with particular attention to use. Maximo for intense action, Sotto for delicate score and Grosso for dramatic chases. The performances recorded in these libraries were used by our composer base in various and surprising ways. For this reason, we cannot wait to hear what you are creating using our richest Espressivo library.

The sounds of horror, horror and suspense are as old as the cinema itself: from Herrman’s Psycho and Dizziness to Goldsmith’s Alien and Omen. These dissonant strings, piercing brass sections, piercing percussion and aleatoric woodwinds are synonymous with genres, making our hair stand on end and making us look away from the screen. Many other composers, such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Charles Ives, were also our inspiration, creating a palette of sounds that provides both inspiration and intimidation.

At recording sessions, we pushed our orchestra to the physical and mental limits, and they rewarded us with some extraordinary playing techniques that it would simply be impossible for the composer to use libraries with several samples. Our string, wind and percussion players squeezed all of their instruments. After they were made, we wrapped up the submission in a completely new Kontakt engine to provide maximum flexibility and ease of play from the hundreds of phrases offered. For the first time with the Sonokinetic library, you can run up to 48 phrases at once (out of hundreds available) with tempo synchronization and with several microphone options. Pieces, rhythmic loops, crescendi, melodies and beats – all this in one superbly terrifying instrument, which is sure to add realism,

At Sonokinetic BV, we proudly present Espressivo and can’t wait to hear how you use it in your own compositions. We like to hear what our valuable customer base can do with our products, so let’s work together to create something special.

Sonokinetic has established itself as one of the best producers of high-quality samples, and with this product we would like to emphasize this statement.


• 44.1kHZ – 16-24 Bit
• 16Bit NCW Format
• 16BIT – 6.9GB NCW Format + SAMPLES Content license

Instrument Patches

• Native Instruments Kontakt
• Espressivo
• Espressivo Lite
• Time Machine Pro capability
• Custom designed interface with score display
• Intelligent Purging system

Sampled Instruments

• 4 recorded orchestral sections
• Strings 60 players
• Woodwinds 19 players
• Brass 22 players
• Percussion 3 players

4 recorded microphone positions

• Close
• Decca tree
• Wide
• Balcony (Far)
… and a proprietary stereo ‘Tutti’ mix for the ‘lite’ instrument

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