Soniccouture – Vibraphone v2.0.0 (KONTAKT)

Soniccouture presents Vibraphone – a sample library vibraphone. Essentially a mechanized version of a classic 20th century metalphone, the vibraphone adds constant modulation to its resonating tubes with motorized blades that open and close the openings in the resonators located under the keys and thereby create a vibration effect and surround sound.

Soniccouture sampled the vibraphone twice, with the blades open and closed with the engine turned off. Using the LFO, you can achieve not only an authentic timbre, but also control the tremolo speed.

The vibraphone adds constant modulation to its resonator tubes using motorized fans. They cover the upper part of the tube and rotate in unison, effectively opening and closing the resonator in a circular motion.

The resulting tone is a famous tremolo effect; shimmering, golden and rickety.

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