Sonic Underworld – Hive Varinox (SYNTH PRESET)

Hive Varinox is a collection of 150 patches for the Hive 1.2 synthesizer. With a focus on organic cinematic sounds, he makes full use of the new wave tables. Hive Varinox offers inspirational flowing lively arpeggios and melodic sequences, low and powerful cinematic bass and bass lines, colorful, dynamic synthesizers and leads, expressive keyboards, dark, sharp cinematic drum loops and sound effects, and lush atmospheric / ambient pads and textures.
These sounds were heavily influenced by television shows such as Mr. Robot (Mac Quayle), Sinner (Ronit Kirchman), and Love, Death, and Robots (Rob Kearns, Junkie XL, etc.). Many patches offer additional adaptability programmed in the modulation wheel to bring these sounds to life.

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