Sample Magic – Ambient Textures 2 (MIDI, WAV)

From dreamy and dusty to euphoric and expansive, Ambient Textures 2 is an exquisite digest of organic instruments and modular synthetics alongside foley inspired by chillout, downtempo and leftfield electronics. From foggy pianos and modular tunes to sonorous soundscapes and elaborate music kits.

Ambient Textures 2 comes with a selection of WAV, MIDI, percussion and single sounds to deliver full track inspiration in a custom collection that’s sure to inspire your tracks across multiple genres.

Ambient Textures 2 is the result of a true labor of love created by a variety of natural sound recordings / found sound recordings and creating compositions only achievable by recording live instruments and sequencing modular components.

At the heart of the collection is the continued use of Ampex 440-B to maximize character, depth and content for unrivaled quality. Ambient Textures 2 is the standard collection for everything electronic and esoteric.

• 204 LOOPS
• 71 MIDIs

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