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Roland Cloud – Anthology 1993 v.1.1 (CONCERTO)

Library for Roland – VS Concerto. One of the most innovative synthesizers of the 90s makes this comeback easy to use, low consumption of computer resources and great sound.
Fatty bottoms, punchy mediums and crisp highs. When this hardware inspiration for Anthology 1993 was released over 25 years ago, it was hailed by musicians around the world as “the best synthesizer Roland has ever created” and “the best PCM synthesizer ever made by anyone.” Known for having luscious, greasy basses, drive mids and crisp and outstanding highs, it is not surprising that this synthesizer has retained its privileged place in the musician’s stands to this day. All you have to do is download some strings, pads or bass, and just play a few notes to understand how this instrument got this well-deserved reputation. Since 1993 Anthology, we have captured many of the subtleties, character and personality of the original instrument and recreated the uniqueness that could only be found in the original.

vol. 1

deep seamphonyfourdimensionalac.piano 1nasty man bass
distsynchorushybrid stringsslow sync leadfantasia 990
vectoring 1genesisesdigital roadsanalog brass 1
throaty clavbelstringdelicate leadhearts of space
swimotionphlangy voice padmidi stackmr.990 brass!
the add cbeauty guitar fx stackvoice pipe soloclear bells
technolfodawn sweeppizza huttorch stab 990
a funky chickenlook Into abysslyric pipe solopsycho
vectoring 2golden sandsmidied grandtenor break statement
ming dynastyjd’s sentimentworld leaddeduk
flourishvectoring 3crystal Roads 1Mo funk bass
wailing guitarghostsdigirez leadradio
lover !!! dancethor space harpsyncstringsbass
gamelan 990velo syn stringsfusioniccrazyhorse
ring boomthe riverlpiano & voicebig apple bass
book markbell ringer 990analog 5th leadmellowtron str

vol. 2

killer padpulse padlovely voice padstorm
deep breath padpure glasscherishglass voices
ac.piano 2ac.piano hybridcrystal e.piano 2e.piano 1
e.piano 2agogo e.pianoseq e.pianowhispery piano
pipe organchoir organcls 222 (mod) 1ring organ
cls 222 (mod) 2jazz organdist.organfrench new organ
authentic harpharmo harpoauthentic clavdigital clav
nylon guitar6 string guitarelectric guitarvelo harmonics
12 string guitarclang guitarsnappy guitthat’s funky
china guitarreso stratbig countryvelo crunch
fretless basswoody bassvelo switch bassslap bass
pick bassfingered bassflubber basshouse bass
rubber bassstick basswiry sync bassa funk bass 1
a funk bass 2techno bassstructure bassmega mono bass
warm vibemarimbanight kalimbaperc stab
harlequin 990cow vibesethnicafricametals

vol. 3

jd t.chimeswave bellstria bellslite delay
like deereincarnatefantasy bellring chimes
brass sectionbrass mixfrench hornbad wolf horn
wagner choraleanalog brass 2brass vel.fallsax tpt tbn
trumpet soloharmon mutetrombone soloalto sax
lyric flute solobandsaxvoicesaw leadbubbly lead
990 stringssilky strings stringspizzicatosoaring
the carry on itbv’s ooozedreaming timewaveola voice rize
tangerinetwinkling stringgit’o’dreamseuro E.PIANO
betazoid harpgloryorgatoronoasis
wintervoicesfrom far the eastmacho swellr mod brass pad
the padstory padhybrid polysynjx sweepee
the let’s dance !! greatexpectaionletting goaqueous strings
cyberneticempirekalaharipassing asteroidpink bomb

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