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Revealed Recordings – Revealed India Vol. 1

Welcome to Revealed India Vol. 1; a fusion of traditional and cultural Indian sounds combined with Revealed sound.

We strive to embrace the musical diversity of the Revealed family, spanning the world. And the next country in our global series showcasing sounds from around the world is India.
Revealed India Vol. 1 is a collection of 920 samples and 128 Spire presets to give your tracks the signature Indian-influenced Revealed sound.

CLAPS [65 samples]


Closed Hihats [50 samples]
Crashes [20 samples]
Open Hihats [50 samples]
Rides [30 samples]
DHOL FILLS [35 samples]


Ambiences [5 samples]
Atmosphere [5 samples]
Downlifters [5 samples]
Impacts [15 samples]
Sub Drops [15 samples]
Uplifters [25 samples]
Vocal Stutters [10 samples]


Bansuri [50 samples]
Sitar [10 samples]
Tanpura [15 samples]
Tumbi [35 samples]
KICKS [70 samples]


Dhol [10 samples]
Dhol Loops [35 samples]
Tabla [35 samples]
Tabla Loops [20 samples]
SNARES [55 samples]


Vox Beatbox [25 samples]
Vox Loops [25 samples]
Vox Phrases [115 samples]
Vox Soulful [5 samples]
Vox Stabs [10 samples]
Vox Words [60 samples]

128 India -inspired presets for Spire

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