Reflekt Audio – TXR1 VSTi, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64

FX Drum Machine. TXR1 is a drum-based monster plugin with a variety of hard and crunchy drum samples ranging from heavy 808s, snares, kicks, hats, percussion and more. Let me tell you how the TXR1 differs from other drum plugins available on the market. TXR1 comes with 3 different modes:

Groove Mode
Single mode
Mixed mode

Groove Mode lets you quickly create and play drum grooves in literally seconds, mixing and matching some of the 670 stems alongside the drums we’ve created. This is great for creating instant drum rhythms and creative ideas.

Single Mode is a mode that lets you play 1 of 160 single drum samples, giving you access to the entire midi spectrum for optimal tones and pitches. This is great if you only want to use one of the sounds and have access to all pitches and tonal values.

Mixed mode is a mode that lets you layer 12 preset sounds to create a completely new sound from a single sound. This is great if you want big, crazy drums.
Each GUI is also equipped with the desired effects such as envelopes, reverb, gain, lfo, etc.

Works In Most Major DAWS Excluding Pro Tools
51 Groover Mods (85-160BPM In Increments of 5/12 Stems Per Mod / 12 Drum Samples Per Mod)
24 Blend Mods (12 Drum Samples To Mix)
612 Stems (204 Snare Stems, 204 Hi Hat Stems, 204 Kick Stems)
160 One Shot Mods
29 808s
14 Crashes
10 Cymbals
29 Hi Hats
29 Kicks
9 Open Hats
20 Percussion
21 Snares

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