Raising Jake Studios – Cans2Cones 2.0.0 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x64

Raising Jake Studios (RJ Studios), a development company various audio programs and plug-ins, has released a plug-in Cans2Cones, which emulates the sound of cabinet speakers in the headphones. First of all, the plugin is designed to help professionals who use monitor headphones in their work.
The plugin is based on the principles of the interaural interval and amplitude difference. In other words, Cans2Cones changes the stereo signal so that the effect of the room and the speakers in it is created. The program ensures that the listener does not feel that the speakers are close (close to the ears). The developers emphasize that their plugin does not process sound in terms of equalization. The program saves the sound of the source material at all frequencies.
For convenience, RJ Studios have provided in the plugin several presets that quickly change the location of virtual speakers. Also, the location of the speakers can be adjusted manually.

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