ProjectSAM – Symphobia Colors Animator v1.3 (KONTAKT)

ProjectSAM is pleased to introduce Symphobia Colors is a completely new library series expanding the world of Symphobia. Based on the concept of Symphobia, Symphobia Colors brings you fresh sounds in small packs. Two exciting new volumes mark the launch of this series: Animator and Orchestrator.

Laughing clarinets, jazz staccato, xylophone winks and trombone slides – Symphobia Colors: Animator is a library dedicated to everything funny. Instantly playable, ANIMATOR will become your popular source of points for creating cartoons, animation features, light games or comedy series.

Animator, the first of its kind, pays tribute to the masters of animation – Scott Bradley and Karl Stalling. Featuring an ensemble that consists of (bass) clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, double bass, piano, harp and percussion, the library focuses on short, fast and playable compositions, phrases and special effects. These recordings are grouped by actions with names such as “Wink Wink”, “Uh Oh” and “Laughter”, which allows you to quickly find the desired sound.

Animator focuses on ensemble recordings, with various instrument combinations distributed across the keyboard. A choice of articulation is also available for individual instruments, such as a laughing glissando, played only by clarinet or trombone. Also included is a selection of animated sounds from SYMPHOBIA 3: LUMINA.

Animator 1.3 now supports the NKS standard, offering NI Komplete and / or Maschine users a simple search, lighting guide, and practical parameter management. The Animator interface allows real-time mixing of 3 microphone positions, independent control of pitch and speed, tempo synchronization and octave shift on the fly.

The animator is our most playable and, I dare say, the funniest library to date.

• Aimed at cartoon, feature animation, light games and sitcoms
• Instrument featured in arrangements: clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass, piano, harp & percussion and more
• Instantly playable, pre-arranged articulations and effects
• Select solo articulations and effects
• 3 concert hall mic positions with real-time mixing
• Tempo-synced runs & phrases
• Free time-stretch control for majority of instruments
• Tempo sync for runs and phrases
• On-the-fly octave shifting (nudge instrument mapping left or right)
• Contains a small selection of material from Symphobia 3: Lumina

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