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Pornofonic Instruments – Rezonator v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Based on the strengths of the two previous hybrid drum designers and set designers, Konstruktor and Fabrikator, and following the spirit of unprocessed, unpolished percussion sound, Rezonator explores the beauty of the contradiction between deep electronic sets and percussion of noisy clusters colored with convolution.

The purposeful design of electronic kits is the basis for a fundamentally new type of acoustic shock palette. The simplicity of electronic drums in combination with non-standard cluster instruments – organic, metal and plastic hand percussions – is designed for maximum destruction and offers almost endless combinations.

Discrete sound processing was used to produce 122 instruments with a synthetic drum with several samples, including a Pultech filter, a tape profile, a tube / valve and a wah pedal, and 250 percussion instruments with several samples, including non-standard shakers, rattles, rattles, beaters, drums, ankle bells … and sources of noise I’ve never seen or heard before

A total of nearly 400 convolution pulses include vinyl / radio / tape / digital noise and static, dispersed and grainy effects, digital and acoustic sound effects, frequency modeling, microphone effects and singing, stereo images and new pulses based on pitch to add a harmonious color to the rhythms.

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