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Plughugger – Operator One (OMNISPHERE)

Operator One is the eighth set of sounds in our series of sound sets for Omnisphere 2, where we take the cult synthesizer, record its most important aspects and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

For this set of sounds, we looked at another synthesizer from Sweden, and this is the one that most people associate with beards, tattoos, and striped flannel shirts. Teenage Engineering’s OP1 is probably considered the number one hipster synthesizer, and it’s a synthesizer that has loyal fans. In addition to the cool design, this is a very unusual synthesizer with a lot of characteristics.

Operator One contains 220 sounds in the following categories:

• 43 Arpeggios / Sequences
• 17 Drum / Percussion
• 12 Effect / Hits
• 18 Pads / Synth strings
• 35 Bass sounds
• 28 Synth sounds
• 16 Textures and soundscapes
• 51 Multi sounds

Plus 96 INIT sounds for each soundsource available in Operator One (many of them are variations of the same sound).

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