Plogue – plug-ins Bundle 2020.9

A suite of plugins and tools from Plogue.

• Alter / Ego v1.567 – a plugin based on the technology implemented in chipspeech, and focused on more modern algorithms and approaches for singing synthesis

• ARIA Engine v1.9.6.7

• Bidule v0.9767 – – a universal tool, which is a modular studio for working with sound. On the working field of the program, a block diagram of the audio signal flow is created from various external and internal plug-ins (including VST) and modules. By running the mechanism and adjusting the settings of the modules participating in the scheme, you can perform sound processing, experiment with sound, or simply test the modules and their interaction.

• chipcrusher v2.059 – is an advanced beat crusher effect, speaker emulation and noise machine. This plug-in passes the input sound through emulation of digital lo-fi audio codecs, adding grain, as well as the output sound through a set of pulses.

• chipsounds v1.967 – a unique synthesizer capable of transforming your host into the legendary classic eight-bit game console (Dendy, Subor and the like). This instrument faithfully emulates all 15 vintage sound chips of the good 8-bit era.

• chipspeech v1.767 – a vintage speech synthesizer that recreates the sound of the famous voice synthesizer based on chips from the 80s. It has 7 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is specially designed for musical needs – just enter your words and then play on your MIDI keyboard.

• chipsynth PortaFM v1.040 – virtual instrument, simulator of the Yamaha YM2413 sound generator chip

• Chipsynth MD v1.072

• Fermata Engine v2.0.7.2

• sforzando v1.967 – sample player with good compatibility with SFZ 2.0. Bigger samplers now have a powerful tool to experiment and share instruments without relying on proprietary formats. Sforzando only has a slot for one instrument; the user interface is pretty simple: just effects or mixer

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